This Week..9

A) This week I was sent away, no not to be locked away, but on a work training course. I won't bore you with the details, as to be honest, as always, it was just another thing to tick off on the list of things to be done for the company. Although it was a 4 hour drive, I don't always see it as a waste as it's a couple days out of work, the food is always good at the training centre, I know where the shops are and we get to stay in some lovely hotels. The hotel I stayed at this time was called Horwood House, it's just outside Milton Kenyes and it was delightful! I love old traditional houses and even though it had been renovated and buildings added, it still lived upto expectations and as you can see from my desert (treacle sponge cake with icecream and butterscotch sauce) the food was yummy too!

B) Not a full outfit picture today, however an outside picture it is! Although the weather hasn't been fantastic this weekend, it has been light and starting my LookBook account (which you can access via the button to the right) I thought I'd take advantage. Wearing my ever loved Swallow top from Topshop and also, if you can see closely, my Zara Taylor swallow earings and swallow necklace, I think the theme came together in my garden..

C) This weekend saw a visit from my partners parents, so we have been doing the tourist things, but after they went today we had a splurge in Topshop/Topman, where I was treated to these 3 pairs of jeans/trousers. I can't wait to wear the pink pairs, they are so spring/summer and am hoping I have things left in my wardrobe to wear with them! I have had a very aggressive wardrobe spring clean this weekend and good thought as to where my style is going. (with great help from Rach - Notes From My Closet ) So I hope to amaze with some new outfits.
I also this weekend, in a Saturday afternoon splurge to Topshop, bought my first ever Little Black Dress and I love it! I havn't pictured it as I thought I'd wait till I wear it and use it as an outfit post. So watch this space!

Looking forward to the week ahead, early starts, but early finishes (5pm) and back to the gym! Can't wait! 6 months till holiday and got my TOWIE tour next month so feeling the need to look Reem! :)

Hope you've all had a great week and weekend..


  1. Love the colours of the jeans and trousers you bought! I bet you will have great fun styling them :) The hotel you stayed in looks gorgeous! and yum! to the sponge cake!! Looking forward to seeing all the lovely outfits you make :) I had a bit of a wardrobe tidy too but by the sounds of it you own about three times more clothes than me! ha ha :) Happy Styling!

    Love, Vanilla

    1. thank you!i'm going to try style them simply. :)
      hotel was lovely and i could of eaten that cake for breakfast lunch and dinner.lol
      haha-no wardrobe is very scarce..maybe not as much as yours. :)

    2. You have made a great start with reworking your wardrobe :)


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