This week.. 10

Week 10..

A) Work wise, this week has been a normal fly-by busy week..When days and months seem to mesh into each other.. and before you know it it'll be Christmas.. (only 9 months by the way. hehe)
But I actually had a rather busy Saturday and today, Sunday has been rather lazy..

I must advise that there may be a couple teenybopper moments below..

B) Saturday, 7am saw me dressed for work standing in a que (of 15-20 people) down near the beach outside an office waiting for.. Olly Murs concert tickets! :) I know I know, but when you read up on our little town you'll know, when famous people come to visit it means the world! haha
My friend lives round the corner, so the plan was that I'd get there at 7am and do an hours waiting (the office actually opens at 10am to sell the tickets) and then I'd have to go off to work at 8am till 1230pm and she'd take my place and get the tickets..
It was a suprisingly warm morning/day, but I had prepared well and wore a coat (sea breeze and all) with a hood (incase of rain) and my Mr joined me and bought a nice cuppa and Yorkie bar to keep us going.
So the plan worked and we have our tickets. The town people were allocated only 800 and the rest are on sale Monday through ticketmaster. We're very excited and already planning t shirt purchases! haha

C) After finishing work I had an appointment at Beautique in my town to have HD Brows done. If you know me, or follow me on twitter you'll know I normally go to a lady in another town to have them done every 5 weeks, but fuel and times costs mean it isn't adding up as being worth it. So going off the advise of my hairdresser and his work ladies, I decided to try this new place out. Turns out they're not new new and I obviously didn't do my research very well the first time, but I am happy with the outcome and will continue to return to them. They do all the normal beauty treatments, nails, facials, tans etc..

D) Tennybopper moment 2 of the day..
Twlight Breaking Dawn Part 1 is released on DVD on Monday! But if your in the know you'll know that you can pre order through Play.com and more times than not, you'll recieve the item the day or two before the actual release date.. and so it arrived through my post box on Saturday morning and into my excited arms! My friend also received hers and so, after having my HD brows done, I headed to her house and we sat and watched, happily. We'd already been to the cinema to see it, but it's just one of those films, especially with it being in a series, that you just have to watch again and again.. Granted the books have been a better read and give you so much more. But the films, visually are well made..
After it had finished and we had sat for a few minutes talking about what's next and googling part 2 release date, we remembered about Olly Murs and with my friend living next to the concert venue, we decided to take a walk to eye up our seats.. such good seats! We spent the walk there and back deciding on the plan for the day, drinks, takeout, olly murs, t shirts and having to take the following day off work. hehe (as it's on a sunday)

E) Sunday has been a more relaxing day.. As I write, I'm actually still in my pjs and La Senza dalmation print snuggly dressing gown.. We had plans for today, but couldn't be bothered..
We have had a productive inside day though, mainly cleaning and tidying. Then 3pm saw us back in bed munching on left over celebrations watching England V France and actually winning, so I'm glad I did watch. haha

F) So, I havn't had much chance to do an outfit post this weekend, so I thought I;d show a new side of me this week, a no make up face, with new glasses, and my new feel good HD Brows done.. oh and dalmation print dressing gown! Enjoy!

G) I also thought I'd picture you the amount of books I have to read. In no specific time, but I think I have a problem.. I've gone from not being able to find any books I like and being nagged by my parents to 'read more' to finding so many and not having the time to read them! I got 5 of the above books for my birthday/christmas last year and have bought the rest over the last few months. I have just finished Jason Manford and started Lee Evans. I am really looking forward to reading them all.. When I get the time!

Hopefully have a bit more of an exciting psot next week and better pictures as will be heading to Nottingham on saturday with Rach for the Midlands Blogger Event. If anyone would like any information please email missholliebrooks@gmail.com or talesofanniebean@gmail.com . For anyone attending, I look forward to meeting you.


  1. Your brows look amazing! :) Sounds like you had a lovely day! I love lazy days :) SO looking forward to next weekend!! I hope you have a good week hun :)

    Love, Vanilla

    1. Thank you rach. :)
      I love lazy days too! Theyre my fave!
      Looking forward to sat lots!!!

  2. Your brows look so gorgeous! Im really tempted to get mine done, did it hurt? I love lazy days too :)


    1. Thank you! Yes yes, do it! I feel amazing after ive had them done. :) doesnt hurt.. That or my face has gone numb. haha

  3. The Lauren Conrad books r actually really good!

    Jen x

  4. love the Lauren Conrad books!xxx


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