27 May 2016

OUTFIT: Shirt Dress.

It must be a date night. I'm wearing a dress..
I have to apologise for the poor pictures. It was raining. They were done in a bit of a hurry. And I had a hubby who was desperate to get to his surprise date night.. and the bar..

25 May 2016

LIFE: Healthy Smiles.

When I was contacted about being involved in National Smile Month, I was a bit dubious, as I'm not a lover of my smile, but, it's a healthy one and that's what matters.

20 May 2016

OUTFIT: Khaki Love.

It may not be the Spring/Summer colour choice of most people, but this military colour is taking up a good percentage of my wardrobe at the moment.. and there's more in shopping baskets across the web..

18 May 2016

LOCAL: The Grainary - Afternoon Tea

A visit to The Grainary for something other than Sunday Lunch?! What am I doing I hear you cry..
Well, it could only be Afternoon Tea of course..

13 May 2016

OUTFIT: Less Sleeves.

Yes, ANOTHER sleeveless jacket.. But I bet you're wrong when you guess where it's from..

11 May 2016

WISH LIST: Waiting for May Payday.

A definite wish list. No spending here..

6 May 2016

OUTFIT: Casual grey.

A simple and comfy outfit this week. Featuring my new perfect summer bag.

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